Hello world, hello blog!

June 11, 2019

I finally started a blog! Initially I had a lot of doubts on putting the effort into writing blog posts. Would anyone read the blog? Is this useful? How much do I want to share about myself on the web? However, I recently read this blog post by Stephanie Hurlburt and this quote stuck out in particular:

It’s a valuable lesson— to write about things as you are learning, so you remember what it was like to be starting out at the least and so you can help others too.

Starting off I was occupied with a million different factors. What is this blog going to look like? What frameworks/libraries should I use? How do I organize content? So much decision fatigue.

Eventually I decided: fuck it, ship it. A fun little quote from my impulsive college days — sometimes you just gotta release instead of trying to prematurely optimize everything. I’mh hoping to post on topics such as software development, security, and other general life experiences. 😄

I went with the Gatsby starter blog and am hosting with Netlify. Both were highly-recommended by folks on Twitter and it suited my purposes well. A local meetup piqued my interest in learning more about serverless and Netlify has a great guide on how to set everything up up.

And let me tell you, Netlify is FANTASTIC for static content hosting. I use to host on a cloud infrastructure provider myself and Netlify just handled all the qualms I had about that. You click a few buttons, copy and paste a couple things, and BOOM, everything’s set up. 😍😍😍 I have Netlify linked up with a git repo and it automatically builds whenever you push something up to master. Pretty seamless and low maintenance. Netlify’s developer experience is wonderful and I would highly recommend.

Gatsby on the other hand — I want to add some additional feature to the template but haven’t had too much time to play around. This particular template uses GraphQL which is something I haven’t worked with much so it’ll be a fun learning experience. I’ll likely write some thoughts on that in the future.

So all in all, hello world — I’m Hon, welcome to my blog! 👋

Hon Kwok
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